Being Transgender

" Being Transgender" A photographers rendering of the transgender community in a series of images and video clips. 


The transgender community is virtually on the cusp of emerging from the obscure corners of society to the forefront. Latterly becoming a recognized and cherished part of mankind. We come from a fragmented and marginalized community hiding away behind closed doors, peeking out to see if it is safe, some of us are seeing daylight and finding we are valued, that we matter. Sadly some of don't and they continue to hide behind the door in despair. The transgender community is unique in that we merge many aspects of male and female perspectives, we have insights that can't be found elsewhere. 

With all the good and bad being said about us over the last year I started to ask myself. "Who am I? Who are my brothers and sisters on this transgender path. How do I fit within the spectrum? Just who are we as an emerging community? I thought I know the answer but no I didn't. As a visual artist I want to explore the real me, the real us. To answer this question I need to look inside and outside. To help me see the real and not what I think I see or want to see I have selected 2 awesome photographers that will help me see what I am missing.



No image of self can exist unless taken from the perspective outside us. So we are constantly reinforcing our vision of ourselves—our true “I”—in the reflections of others. In the conventions and protocol of contemporary society, I’m actually looking for the reflection of myself. And in the reflection of my cultural code, I am investigating my emotional, ethical and spiritual background in order to search for my own unique and individual place.



: change, alteration, mutation, conversion, metamorphosis, transfiguration, transmutation, sea change; revolution, overhaul; remodeling, reshaping, redoing, reconstruction, rebuilding, reorganization, rearrangement, reworking, renewal, revamp, remaking, remake; informal transmogrification, morphing.


Live and look at a life as a piece of art, then capture it. It is very personal and interesting to open up and let the world see what is inside your head, as an artist that is what we do. In an effort to capture an idea, a moment in time to best show you "the viewer" my interpretation of that frozen moment from inside my head.

Owner/ Operator:

      - Randy Parietti Photography

      - William Swartz Photography  

      - RJP Photography