I have broken the boundaries or expectations in every area of my life. My art reflects my freedom from the norm. In the age of specialization I am anything but norm. I am an Artist, Engineer, Musician, Photographer, Diversity and inclusion activist, educator and much more. I am a Father, Mother, Ant Uncle, Son and Daughter. I see across the boundarys that make up the life we live and strive to put that diversity and perspective in my art. I am on a quest to find the new, something undiscovered, a way to express feelings that is not over done by other artists.

You ask about my art space the place that I create my works of art. Well I hand built my studio in 2003 to be a place I wanted to spend my time in. 750 square feet of open space with 10 foot high ceilings. it is a welcoming place a place of creation.

You ask about as a human being, well I was dead now am alive, I was blind now I see, there are moments in our lives that are critical to who we are and define us, well mine was in 2011. when after manny years of depression I accepted who god had created and started living my true authentic self. I changed what was not working and keept what was. I give freely of my self and what god has given to me.


Performance art events, Denver Brass works, Denver Pride: 2014Wheat ridge Congregational Church, Mile High Freedom Band, and manny other orginazations
More to come stay tuned. :-)

For art lovers that follow me I included a few links

Trombone Swing Band.

Giving back